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What material is the PE bag? What types of bags can be made?

Name of PE bag: polyethylene, full English name: polyethylene, PE, short for PE. It is a non-toxic, tasteless, tasteless, moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-oxidation, acid resistant, alkali resistant plastic bag material. It is the most important and the most important material of plastic bags, and it is recognized worldwide as a material in contact with food. Best material...

How many kinds of packaging bags can be divided according to different materials?

PE packaging bag: PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic resin polymerized from ethylene. Industry also includes ethylene and a small amount of carbon α- Olefin copolymer; The finished product is a kind of transparent plastic bag, which can be used for packaging clothing, bags, electronic products, etc. It has various styles, high quality and wide applications. Generally, it can be divided into PE flat bag, self sealing bag, chain clip bag, envelope bag, punching bag, handbag, zipper bag, PE film, etc...

How to Select Food Packaging Bags Correctly

In addition to regular three meals a day, people's consumption of snacks is also amazing. However, many friends often fall into a misunderstanding when buying and using food packaging bags. Today, I will teach you how to walk out of the misunderstanding and correctly choose and use food packaging bags

Digital printing develops steadily, and new technologies need new business models

The Digital Printing Development Forum was held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center at the same time as the exhibition. Representatives of HP, Founder and MBO shared the overview and cases of digital printing in recent years. At present, digital printing develops steadily. In order to achieve further development of China's digital printing industry, we need to learn from the successful experience of foreign countries and expand our thinking...

Several Materials of Moon Cake Gift Box Packaging

With the rapid development of social economy, people's living standards and quality of goods are constantly improving. Moon cakes are not only bought for their own consumption, but also for gifts. Chinese people pay attention to "face". There are many mooncakes in bulk in the shopping mall. Such mooncakes have only one layer of soft packaging and are usually bought for their own use. They are not suitable for gifts. The level of gift box packaging determines the level of moon cakes. The shopping experience of beautifully packaged moon cakes is completely different from that of moon cakes packaged in plastic bags. So, what are the common moon cake packaging materials

Development Trend of Food Packaging Industry

"Green packaging" is also called "sustainable packaging", in short, "recyclable, easily degradable, lightweight". At present, more and more countries and regions in the world restrict or prohibit the use of plastic products in different ways. In addition to "replacing plastic with paper" and reducing "white pollution", new packaging materials (such as biological materials) have also become the direction of industry exploration and development. The so-called biological materials refer to the use of biotechnology to process green or natural substances into packaging materials. In some European countries, oil film and protein have been used as food packaging materials. For example, a Danish brewery developed a wood fiber wine bottle, which uses more environmentally friendly packaging materials to achieve green degradation. It can be seen that biological packaging materials have very broad prospects and will be used in various fields in the future.
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