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Announcement of the winners of the third Bauhaus International Design Competition


Announcement of the winners of the third Bauhaus International Design Competition

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The third Bauhaus International Design Competition sponsored by the Beijing Bauhaus Institute of culture and art, the Bauhaus International Design Association (BIDA) and the Bauhaus International Design Competition Organizing Committee is designed to inherit the "Bauhaus" spirit, to excavate the design strength, to spread the design value, to promote the design and development, to build the design and to build the design. The market communication platform promotes the innovation of design education concept and increases the communication and cooperation between Chinese designers and international design fields. The organizers held this competition review meeting in Beijing on -25 February 24, 2018 and followed the concept of "science, norm, academic and democratic". The competition was finally selected: 10 Bauhaus awards, 15 professional gold awards, 25 professional silver awards, 50 professional bronze awards, and 30 gold medal winners. There were 150 Silver Award in academy group, 236 bronze medal in academy group, and 102 outstanding teachers.
In 10 days from the date of publication of this list, it is a period of publicity for the award. If there are plagiarism, plagiarism, gunmen and other irregularities, the majority of the authors shall be invited to supervise the report and report the content of the information accurately (the official e-mail of the Organizing Committee:
The following information, such as the author's address and contact phone, will be sent to the organizing committee mailbox. All the award-winning authors will send them by express delivery in late 3. Please pay attention to the award-winning authors.
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